It should be noted that along with profound achievements in independent development, our path has not been without some mistakes and shortcomings. The processes themselves, aimed at abandoning the totalitarian regime and building a democratic society, at that difficult and alarming time sharply posed various problems and tasks for us.
I am on one side, I am ready to die for my nation, my people, the interests of great Uzbekistan
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No citizen should be left alone with his or her problems. The mood of the population is the mirror of our reforms and policies. Timely response to every problem that people are concerned about, regardless of its scale, and its consistent solution should be the top priority of leaders at all levels
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The growth of radicalism is becoming a dangerous trend. It is necessary to prevent the influence on young people of radical organizations and destructive ideologies, which largely determine modern life. The advantage is that we can create a joint platform for fighting crime. The Afghan people need neighborly help more than ever. If we leave them alone with their problems, they could become a springboard for radical organizations
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Women and family issues are the key task that determines not only today, but also tomorrow. Every good deed in support of our women, the keepers of the family hearth, who personify love and selfless devotion, will undoubtedly return a hundredfold tomorrow
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The trust of our great people is a great happiness for me! I express my deep gratitude to all my co-parties, our young men and women, dear mothers and fathers for giving me such high trust and support. This trust gives me strength. At the same time, I feel with all my heart how big a responsibility this is
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This year, the state has created conditions that were not present in previous years, and accordingly, farmers should give a positive response. We do not need a farmer who, as in the past, chases the plan, does not think about income and works without a certain calculation. We need cotton not to fulfill the plan, but to create jobs, increase the income of the population and their standard of living
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Un marché ouvert conduit à une meilleure qualité des produits, à des coûts de production inférieurs et à l’arrivée de nouvelles technologies. C’est pourquoi nous avons besoin d’intégration économique
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